Clifton & Kearsley Pony Club, Salford, Manchester
2017 DATES - All dates are Qualifiers for TSR Showing Finals

23 April
21 May
18 June
16 July (Trophy Show)
20 August
17 September
Spare Date : TBA

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  Show Rules
The object of the club shall be to encourage young people to ride and to learn to enjoy all kinds of sport connected with horses and riding.
A minimum of three shows must be attended to be eligible for the annual trophies. Winners shall be selected by means of a points system in which 5 points shall be awarded for a win, 4 points for second, 3 points for third, 2 points for fourth, and 1 point for non-placed in that class. The points shall be cumulative but only if it is the same horse/pony and rider/handler competing every time. In the event of a tie, each competitor shall be awarded maximum points for that place but no points shall be awarded for the next succeeding place (depending on the number of competitors in the tie).
Horses/ponies names must remain unchanged throughout the season to be eligible for points.
All winners of class trophies must guarantee their safe, undamaged return to the Committee before or on the last show date. Failure to do so will lead to deduction of season’s points. Any damaged or unreturned trophies will be replaced at your cost.
Any difficulty, complaint, or controversy affecting the entry of any horse/pony in any of the shows organised by the Committee shall be determined by the Committee in pursuance of the rules of the club which may have been laid down by the Committee prior to the shows. The Committee whose decision shall be final and binding on the members shall determine any difficulty, complaint, or controversy affecting the administration or management of the club.
Any objection shall be made to the Secretary in writing with the accompanying fee of £5.00, which is returnable if the complaint is sustained. Complaints must be made within 15 minutes of the final judging of the class.
Neither the Club nor the Committee of Management shall be held responsible for any loss, damage, or injury to Club Members or their property during any activity.
You are required by law to carry your horse's passport when competing please ensure you have your passport details with you as you may be asked to produce it by any committee member or Government Official  i.e Police Officers.
(a) All members MUST wear regulation headgear, (three point safety harness or jockey skull caps) in any ridden class.
(b) All members 16 years of age or under must wear regulation headgear when showing in-hand.
(c) All members competing in the jumping ring must be wearing a regulation body protector.
(d) All members must be correctly and properly turned out.
(e) Excessive use of the whip is forbidden. Whips must be of regulation length. The use of spurs by Riders under the age of 16yrs is prohibited.
(f) All piercings are worn at member's own risk.

(a) Rudeness and discourtesy to officials, judges, and stewards at any club activity is prohibited. The Committee have the power to cancel the membership of any member contravening this rule.
(b) Competitors and spectators must comply with rules, anyone not doing so will be asked to leave the showground.
(c) The Committee also reserve the right to refuse membership or entry and anyone causing a disturbance.
(d) Stallions and colts must be handled or ridden by a competent person 18 years or above and must wear a stallion disk.(These can be purchased from the club for £3.50 each).
(e) No horse or pony under 4 years old to be ridden on the showground.
(f) Any horse or pony known to kick must wear a red ribbon in its tail.
(g) Classes will only be delayed at judge’s discretion.
(h) No entry fees will be refunded.